Monday, July 7, 2008

Vacation = Great; Travel = Not so much

I am preparing for vacation at my daughter's in Washington near the US/Canadian border. While I look forward to my visit with her and my granddaughter, I am dreading the flights and the process that entails.

Don't get me wrong--I am happy to be able to travel what with all the skyrocketing fuel costs and such. I planned this trip back in March and it has paid off in grand fashion. It couldn't be a better time to not be at work. The weather's getting hotter and I returned to my office after a lovely 3-day holiday weekend to discover that the air conditioning is malfunctioning. In my office and the offices adjacent to mine, it is hot and stuffy and I find the fan is my very best friend on this typically Monday-ish Monday.

But, all one has to do is open my office door and the refreshing air conditioning in the hallway is reminiscent of the old York Peppermint Patty commercials that depicted people being hit by a refreshing cold blast of arctic air as they savored their dark chocolate covered peppermint candy. Yum, that sounds good right now... but I digress.

The engineer from the maintenance department tells me the climate control computer and probably a motor and/or a fan belt are likely the culprits in our sweaty situation. Suffice it to say that my nickname for our building seems more apropos than ever: shake and bake. It's either too cold or too hot depending on where your office is. Yes, I am glad to leave that stuffy, sweaty office behind for a few days.

Anyway, the bottom line is this: it will be well worth it when I see my daughter and granddaughter at the airport in Bellingham, WA and my real vacation begins!

Think I'll take a good friend's advice and bring a good book to read during my long layovers!

That's all for now....

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Jennifer said...

I am glad we were able to see you! I love you and it was great to visit with you! :)